Just do your best, and everything will

be   all right r


It’s not always easy to know

which path to follow, which

decision to make, or what to do.


Life is a series of new horizons,

new hopes, new days, and changes

that comes to you. And we all need

some help with these things from time to time.


Remember these things: Dream it. Do it. And

discover how special you are. Be positive,

for your attitudes will affect the outcome of

many things. Ask for help when you need it;

seek the wisdom the world holds and hold on

to it. Make some progress every single day.

begin. Believe. And become.


Give yourself all the credit you’re due; don’t

shortchange your qualities, your abilities, or

any of the things that are so unique about you.

remember how precious life can be. Imagine.

invest the time it takes to reach out for your

dreams; it will bring you happiness that no

money on earth can buy. Don’t be afraid; no

mountain is too big to climb if you do it

at your own pace.


What’s the best thing to do?  That’s simple:

Do Your Best

And everything else will fall into place.


~ Collin McCarty ~